Welcome to Dials!

Solo is a community for sales people looking for motivation, accountability and a mob to rely on.

About the community

Dials is a place to share, learn and support other cold callers.

There are no founding members

No cohorts.

No monitors.

Just cold callers helping other cold callers.

Here is what you get with the Dials Community:

  • Support from other cold callers from all over the world.
  • A platform to share your cold calling wins, frustrations, tactics and questions.
  • Interact with elite cold callers in almost every industry.
  • Cold calling content from Matt Wanty including tips, insights, interviews, call reviews and much more.

Matt Wanty - Who?

If you haven't met me, I'm an outbound sales strategist and 3x founder.  I've written two books that help with cold calling and my LinkedIn content has reached millions of people around the world.  But more importantly, I've made a ton of cold calls.  Many of my career's biggest sales started out with a cold call.

Over the last few years I've also helped hundreds of reps and entrepreneurs in tech, manufacturing, insurance, and other industries succeed with cold calling.  I hope I can help you too through the Dials Community, please let me know if you have any questions.

Learn more about me here..

Why You Should Join

By joining our community there's a good chance you'll become an improved cold caller but there's a great chance you'll feel a lot better about making dials.  If you want to be part of a group of a courageous people in a community where you can fine tune one of the most important skills in business, join Dials today!